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Upgrade your building with our securest door

The burglar-resistant automatic door RC2 has been certified with the UNE-EN 1627:2021 standard against break-in attempts.

don't waste your time

Various burglar-resistant tests carried out prove that the door cannot be opened or broken at any point for at least 3 minutes.

Load tests:

A secure door from top to bottom

The Manusa RC2 burglar-resistant door features special security elements in all its profiles and P4A laminated glass, assembled with structural adhesive glued to the profile.

An impenetrable steel core

The sound of this motorized three-point motor lock is the sound of tranquility. Once closed, it is very difficult to force, thanks also to its anti-leverage steel shield that protects the cylinder.


And with intelligent access.

The burglar-resistant automatic door RC2 offers an extra level of security without losing comfort and visibility. In addition, it allows you to manage accesses remotely with Doorwifi:

  • Remote control of the door status
  • Scheduled programming
  • Real-time status and notification
  • Management and transfer of accesses

A door that protects the most important:
Your business and people

Our safest door is our best door because it protects the most valuable: Your business, your customers, and your team.

'Exit only' mode

'Exit only' mode: comfortably secure.

Static load

In this test, loads are applied to different points of the door by means of a hydraulic ram

Dynamic load

In this test, impacts are made against the glass at different points: 3 impacts at the centre and 1 at each corner.
Mass of the impact body: 50 Kg
Drop height: 450 mm

Manual breakout tests

The test consists of 'attacks' at different points with tools used to force doors, such as screwdrivers, pliers, knives, Allen keys, or wire, among others.